Many women suffer from breast sagging as this is a common condition. There are several reasons why this occurs and while it’s not a serious condition, it can impact a woman’s self-esteem and how she feels about herself.

Breast sagging can also affect a woman’s relationships and overall self-confidence. In some women, this problem of breast sagging can lead to fatigue and depression, especially when they feel that their body is not what it used to be.

There are several methods for dealing with breast sagging that can improve breast skin, shape and even size. In this article, we are going to reveal some details about saggy breasts and cover some of the most effective techniques to solve this common female problem.

Here is what you need to understand about breast sagging.

About Sagging Breasts

As women age, they lose the natural shape of the breasts due to a loss of elasticity. This can cause anxiety for some women and concerns about their appearance. The medical term is ptosis and it’s commonly treated by a plastic surgeon who can lift the breasts back up somewhat.

Unfortunately, no matter how much a woman lifts her breasts, they will always have some ptosis. She may be suggested to wear bras during her pregnancy to protect her breasts. Some women also prefer small implants to increase their breast size but still have slight ptosis.

Sometimes, a doctor may prescribe a special cream or even hormone medications to help manage the sagging of breasts.

But for some, surgery was the only option before the introduction of modern medicine and new techniques to deal with breast sagging. In fact, there are many cases of women who have undergone surgery on their breasts to correct the sagging and have not seen the results that their surgeons anticipated. On the other hand, there are some cases where women saw a great improvement in their breasts after exercises, changes in diet, and other lifestyle modifications.

Anyway, the first step to improving your breasts is to find out more about the causes of breast sagging, as well as preventative measures that may lower the chances of getting saggy breasts.


The main cause of breast sagging is aging. It’s very common in older women to have some form of breast sagging. As we age, skin get’s weaker and elasticity is lost. This can also occur in younger women especially those that are heavier set in weight. Here are some common causes

  • Smoking – You lose strength and flexibility in the skin when you smoke.
  • Large breasts – These tend to sag more over time than smaller breasts due to the extra weight.
  • Weight Loss – If you lose excess weight, the breasts and chest appearance can be altered.
  • Overweight – The chest skin will droop and stretch due to the weight
  • Sunlight – Being in the sun often breaks down the elastin and collagen that supports the breasts.
  • Menopause – As women reach menopause hormones can change the elasticity of the skin.
  • Heavy Exercise – If you exercise at an extreme level the breast connective tissue can break down.
  • An Illness – Some illness such as tuberculosis and breast cancer may weaken breast tissue support.

Improving the Breasts

You won’t be able to restore the original shape of the breasts but there are measures you can take to improve the breasts.


Exercise can help firm and shape the breasts area as long as it isn’t too extensive as this can have the opposite effect. Push-ups, swimming,  and bench press exercise are recommended.

Try to avoid the common mistakes of heavy weight lifting as this may lead to masculine figure and in extreme cases, develop a chest injury.

Remember, you should not be lifting heavy weights to increase muscle mass in the chest, but choose modest exercises to improve breast shape and appearance.

Another way to straighten breasts is by using a massage. There are a lot of different ways of doing breast massages. Each massage has its own benefits and directed to certain areas of the breast. Get a good massage from a licensed massage therapist or an aromatherapist. A good therapist can read your body and customize the right massage for your breast.


You should eat a healthy diet as this will support skin health. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, lean meats, and similar foods are recommended. You should also drink plenty of water as this will help the skin stay hydrated.

Visit your doctor if your breast skin becomes dry. The most common reasons are hormonal changes or a hormonal imbalance. In these cases, it is advisable to seek medical advice.If you feel irritated by a small area of your skin, consult your physician for a skin patch test.


Try to maintain a good posture as this will help keep the breasts former so they don’t sag as much. If you have a new baby or are pregnant, it’s important you do a breast self-exam. This will test how your breasts are reacting to your increased weight. The more you breastfeed, the better your breasts will respond to support.

Bra Support

Make sure you wear a bra that provides the right level of breast support. A poorly fitted bra can make things worse so ensure you wear one that gives you the right level of breast support.

Avoid tight bras, they should allow you to breathe without over stretching or pushing your breasts. A good bra will support your breasts properly and minimise your risk of sagging.

Sagging Breast and Sex Life

A woman may have poor self-esteem and low self-confidence with sagging breasts. This can impact her sex life as she won’t feel as attractive as she would like.

The breasts may also sag enough to get in the way during sex or otherwise make her feel uncomfortable being naked. Therapy sessions are recommended to help restore a woman’s self-confidence in her body.

Sagging breasts don’t impact sex physically, as it’s more of a mental problem for the woman to overcome. But on the other hand, saggy breasts may lead to sex-related problems, cause loss of female libido and lower sexual desire in women.

Restoring Self Confidence through Surgery Options

One of the most popular ways to fix breast sagging is through a surgery called a breast lift. This will move the breasts up to their original natural position and it can help restore a woman’s confidence in her own body.

This procedure is called a mastopexy or breast lift. It improves the counter as well as the shape of the breasts. Thousands of women go through this procedure each year to fox common breast sagging issue or to restore their self-confidence.

It’s a common procedure that you can discuss with your doctor to find the best options for your needs. During the procedure, local anesthesia and a sedative are given or there may be general anesthesia given. The physician will use whatever procedure is going to be best to fix the sagging breasts.

This procedure is most popular in Japan and the United States of America as there are many women in those countries that have bigger-than-average breasts. After the surgery, many women say they feel more attractive and much younger and it was perhaps the first time that they will get to enjoy and pleasure themselves.

Unfortunately, the side effects of breast surgeries include pain, scarring, and a need for constant treatment and rehabilitation. These women need to have a plan to manage the pain, such as an injection. Many women might need another surgery or two to fix the appearance of their breasts.


Breast sagging is a common problem that many women face. It’s more common among older women as the breasts will sag naturally over time. The problem can be addressed by natural means like diet and exercise but surgical options are the best method to restore a woman’s confidence.

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