Low libido can be a common problem in men. There are several ways that the condition can be treated. Here is what you need to know about male libido and how you can prevent as well as treat it successfully.

Since testosterone is an anabolic hormone your body produces naturally it is essential for sexual drive and performance. In addition to being one of the most important hormones of our body, testosterone increases the blood flow to your sex organs, which enhances sexual performance.

If your testosterone levels are low it is important that you find a treatment to get your testosterone levels up to be as high as they need to be for a healthy sexual drive.

In the long run, testosterone helps with a number of other aspects of men’s health, including muscle gain and fat loss.

How to Prevent Low Male Libido


One of the common ways of preventing low libido is to take care of yourself through regular exercise. When you exercise you improve blood flow in the body.

This increased blood flow makes your heart stronger and also improves circulation to the genital area which can improve your desire for sex.

If you are overweight this can impact your libido so weight loss is also critical to improving your libido and for preventing a lower than normal libido. Daily exercise is recommended to help keep your libido in check as a healthy body goes along with healthy sex life.

You can start with 60-minute walks on a regular basis, or 30 minutes or longer at times of peak energy. A sweaty sauna or jogging for 45 minutes a day works great in this regard. Regular exercise helps to relax the muscles and improve circulation to the genital area to reduce the risk of STIs.

Stop Smoking or Drug Use

Smoking or the use of any other drug is not going to do your libido any favors. Smoking wreaks havoc on the entire body and it decreases blood flow to the genital area.

By quitting smoking, you will give your libido an added boost.

Consumption of other drugs such as alcohol is not recommended. Alcohol may make you think like you’re in the mood but it decreases the quality of erections and can even make you impotent. While a bit of wine or a beer now and again won’t hurt you, heavy consumption of alcohol will hamper your libido to a great degree.

Watch Medications

Some medications are known to reduce libido and decrease sex drive. If you’re on medications you should speak to your doctor about any side effects such as loss of libido. There may be alternative medications you can take to address this issue.

You should not change your medications without proper consultation with your healthcare provider. Your doctor should also check that you are not allergic to these medications.

Treatment of Low Sexual Desire in Men

There are several treatment options for low libido. Your doctor can help you find the best options available for your needs. There are medications you can take such as Viagra and others that can help stimulate your libido and help your overall sex life.

There are also over the counter herbs and pills you can take which may improve your libido without common side effects of prescription medications.

Horny goat weed, saw palmetto, ginseng, and L-Arginine are said to be effective to help treat low libido and improve male erections. These herbs can be used alone or in male libido enhancment supplements.

These supplements are ideal for people dealing with low libido. They work by both activating serotonin and regulating natural hormones that could contribute to low male libido, such as testosterone.

Change the Diet

One of the best things you can do for your libido is to change yor diet. Poor food choice like fast food isn’t the best option for a better libido. You should eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, nuts, seeds, and other quality foods. Here are some vitamins and minerals that can boost your libido naturally.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E will increase your sex drive as it helps to increase the male sex hormone, testosterone. You will have more sexual stamina and desire when you eat more vitamin E.


This vitamin improves sperm motility and increases sperm count. You lose selenium in semen so a good supplement can help restore selenium levels if you’re sexually active.


This is an antioxidant most commonly found in fruit such as berries and grapes. They can help get you in the mood for sexual activity. Studied have shown they increase sexual desire.


Zinc is a critical mineral for male sexual reproduction and health. As men age, they tend to lose zinc. Zinc is needed for testosterone production so ensure you’re getting enough of it.

B Vitamins

You need B vitamins for energy and stamina. You will have better sexual desire if you increase your consumption of B vitamins.

Treatment of Underlying Medical Conditions

Hormone Replacement Therapy

If low testosterone levels are identified as a cause of low libido, hormone replacement therapy may be considered under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

Management of Chronic Illness

If an underlying medical condition (e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular disease) is contributing to low libido, proper medical management and treatment are essential.

Medication Review

If low libido is a side effect of medications you’re taking, consult your doctor about possible alternatives or dosage adjustments.

Prescription Medications

In some cases, doctors may prescribe medications to address specific sexual issues or underlying psychological factors contributing to low libido. These may include medications for erectile dysfunction or antidepressants (if depression is a factor).

Male libido enhancement pills

Instead of looking for separate vitamins and minerals that can boost your libido naturally, doctors often suggest male libido-boosting pills that include all these vitamins and minerals in one easy-to-swallow pill.

These pills are designed to heighten sensations and promote arousal levels. It is a safe & effective way to increase performance and overall sexual health in men.

Some of the supplements to look for include vitamins B6, B12, as well as L-Arginine, Zinc and Selenium. They also often contain herbs that boost testosterone levels too, so that will also be an added bonus. The ideal combination is a high protein, low carbohydrate, low fat diet and a pill that adds in the nutrients which are clinically proven to boost libido.

Benefits of Male Libido Enhancement Pills

Male libido enhancement pills are a category of dietary supplements that are marketed to help increase sexual desire and improve sexual performance in men. Here are some potential benefits and considerations related to male libido enhancement pills:

  • Increased Sexual Desire: Some individuals may experience an increase in sexual desire or arousal when taking libido enhancement pills. This can lead to a higher interest in sexual activities.
  • Improved Erection Quality: Certain ingredients in these pills, such as L-arginine or herbal extracts, may help improve blood flow to the penis, potentially resulting in firmer and longer-lasting erections.
  • Enhanced Confidence: The psychological aspect of taking libido enhancement pills can boost confidence, particularly for individuals who may have experienced performance anxiety or self-esteem issues related to their sexual performance.
  • Potential Aphrodisiac Effects: Certain herbs and plant extracts used in these pills are believed to have aphrodisiac properties, which can contribute to increased sexual desire and arousal.

In summary, male libido enhancement pills offer benefits for most individuals by potentially increasing sexual desire and improving sexual performance. Their effectiveness is guaranteed, but they should be used with caution. It’s crucial to choose high-quality products, and consider addressing any underlying factors contributing to low libido, such as stress, relationship issues, or medical conditions, for a comprehensive approach to improving sexual health.


You can improve your libido. There are several treatment options available so speak to your health care provider. Consider eating a well balanced diet as dietary changes can make a big difference.

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