Hemorrhoids and Sex Life

Hemorrhoids can be unpleasant and difficult to deal with. They tend to itch and can also be quite painful. It can be difficult to feel comfortable when you have this condition.

Hemorrhoids can also impact your sex life in a negative way.

Here is what you need to know about hemorrhoids and your sex life and how to deal with them.

Living with Hemorrhoids

When you have this condition, you need to take care of yourself. You should wash the anal area after each bowel movement to reduce pain and itching. Increase the amount of fiber and water in your diet and never strain when using the bathroom as this will put more pressure on the hemorrhoids and make them worse.

A high fiber diet with plenty of whole foods is ideal to deal with issues with hemorrhoids.

Go to the Restroom When You Need to

Don’t delay going to the bathroom when you need to. If you wait, the stool can dry out and this can make hemorrhoids worse. Using mineral oil or Vaseline to the anal area prior to going to the bathroom can help the stool pass and reduce pain.

If your hemorrhoids tend to bleed a lot, see a physician.

Mild bleeding is common with hemorrhoids but they can also rupture and cause additional bleeding.


Put your feet on books while in the bathroom as this will elevate the area a bit and make it easier for you to pass stool without aggravating the anal area and the actual hemorrhoid.

Sitz Bath

A sitz bath can help reduce pain and swelling in the anal area. You can fit a basin under the toilet seat and allow the anal area to rest in the water which can make dealing with your hemorrhoids a lot easier. You can sit in this for 10-15 mins a couple of times per day. A regular salt water bath will also help ease pain in the region.

Hemorrhoid Creams

One treatment option that can help you deal with hemorrhoids is a hemorrhoid cream. These can be applied to the area and will lubricate as well as heal swollen hemorrhoids.

You can also buy pads that are usually lubricated with witch hazel and this will provide relief from hemorrhoids as well as clean the area after you have to use the bathroom. Pads along with a good hemorrhoid cream can be ideal in helping you reduce the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. Creams with around 1% hydrocortisone can also reduce pain when you have hemorrhoids.

Other Treatment Options

See a doctor if your hemorrhoids don’t go away or get worse.

Hemorrhoids can be quite mild or they can be severe with immense pain. Some common medical options include cutting the hemorrhoids out of the rectum or cutting them off with rubber band litigation. Your doctor will know which methods are going to be the best.

Sex Life and Hemorrhoids

Sex, when you have hemorrhoids, can be difficult as they can be quite painful. Regular intercourse should be fine but you can end up with severe difficulties if you engage in anal sex and have hemorrhoids. You should wait until hemorrhoid swelling has gone down and is manageable before you engage in anal sex.

You can make hemorrhoids worse if you have anal sex with hemorrhoids or they may bleed more often than normal. Avoiding sexual activity especially anal sex is recommended until the hemorrhoids heal as you don’t want to aggravate them.

Don’t strain yourself during anal sex – you’re better off waiting until the bleeding is over or at least less frequent. This can be uncomfortable and could affect whether sex can be pleasurable. You can minimize the risk of hemorrhoids by avoiding anal sex if they are hard, or if you have any other skin conditions that might make anal sex painful. Here are some tips to try: If you have rectal or anal itching or burning symptoms, stop sexual activity and consult a doctor. It can be a sign of anal infection.


Living with hemorrhoids can be difficult but they can be treated successfully. Take care of the area and consider some hemorrhoid creams to reduce pain and swelling. See a physician if they don’t go away, bleed profusely or regular home methods don’t seem to work.

Whilst anal sex has the potential to cause bruising, infections, and a possible staph infection, this is not a major concern. If you experience hemorrhoids or pain during anal sex, see your doctor for advice.

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